Free Fun Instant Win Progressive Jackpot Lotto

Lucky Draw Lotto not only provides our sponsors with great results,
we also have a great sponsors admin area for each sponsor.
You purchase credits then add your sites and amount to spend on that site.
You have full control so sign up and see your admin area, then add funds.

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You can add funds to your account and use them any way you like.
You can have up to 5 urls and add funds to any or all of them.
You can add or subtract funds to your url's' or if you delete
your url the funds will be placed back into your account.
Choose 10 page views for 1 cent(seen while members play) or
a link so members can see your site for 10 seconds or 20 seconds.
10 second links are 4 for 1 cent and 20 seconds are 2 for 1 cent.
Members can only click your links once each day per player so
all link clicks are unique and not wasted. Sign up free.

Example Admin Area
Players can only click each link 1 time each day and
impressions are shown as players play there tickets
You add your sites with many options for time,
amount and number of tickets to give

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